Whats the best way to catch carp on hot sunny days?

I was wondering what the best method, bait, tackle, and setup is for catching carp in hot sunny weather?

Can they only be caught on the surface in hot weather or can you catch them on the bottom of a lake? Does ledgering for carp work in hot sunny weather?

12/07/2010 17:01 Posted by Smithy

Whats the best way to catch carp on hot sunny days? Answers

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  • The best way to catch carp on sunny days depends on what method you're happiest with. Surface fishing using bread crust or dog biscuits is always a popular method, although it is not the only one. You can still float fish and ledger.

    Remember hot weather means a warmer water temperature and that means the fish should be more active. They will move around more and feed more, so either surface fish or pick a spot and float fish or ledger. There is no set rule to what bait to use, to try various different ones and see what works best. I always find that luncheon meat very well on hot sunny days.

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  • I always like ledgering and using hair rigs in hot weather for carp. I'll fish a boilie or luncheon meat as bait and use a bite alarm. Makes for a relaxing afternoon in the sun and as the carp are more active, much more likely to run with your bait and hook themselves!

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  • I have always used lunchon meat when float fishing it is a great bait and i insist you use it. It will work a lot beter if u put a bit on that is bigger than the hook and then throw some smaller one's around it because they will probally end up taking your hook bait. Soo give it a try when u go to your next fishery andd i am pretty sure it will catch u a few carp.

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  • On most modern commercials, the carp will feed in all weather and it is a matter of choosing how and where to fish for them. I prefer using a zig rig with a meat flavoured popup tipped with artificial sweetcorn. As the others have said, luncheon meat is a proven method. If you want carp, fish in the shallower water with hair rigged meat. As always, the margins should not be ignored and are often very productive on a hot evening. The other main option is furface fishing. U get the idea; dog biscuits, popups, bread, etc.
    Any of these methods will work in time and a few trials should have you putting carp on he bank in even the hottest weather.

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